FAMOUS FOR ONE SPAM (2004) - Web Project
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This piece deals with the flow of incoming spam email and
juxtaposes the content of spam and the "fake identity" of
the sender with the "real" person and their life which was found
online behind the same name.

An ID-ticker, or identity ticker, cycles images and names of
different spam characters at different speeds. The faces are derived
from performance sessions I staged and filmed where I projected
spam mail onto my face while reading and acting out the email
content. The names are taken from a collection of senders who
ended up in my junk mail box.

The viewer may end up either in the world of spam - collages and
performances of spam mail content, or submerged in information -
through an internet search about the "real" person, behind a specific

A semi-invisible cursor will be your unreliable guide. It will not
behave as usual and so it's best to stay calm, just glide relaxed
through the piece and enjoy spam for once.

Please use recent browsers - this piece is written in DHTML -
and make sure you have Javascript enabled. You will also need
Flash Player and Quicktime Player. This piece will perform best
with high speed internet connection. Turn your sound up!

Check out the "interactive installation version" of this piece.---------Go to ursenal.net.